Written By Jessica Gallagher

Published January 28, 2022

ICCAP is now hiring Property Maintenance Worker !


 Title of Position: Property Maintenance Worker

  1. Immediate Supervisor: Client Services/Shelter Director and

    Housing/Rep Payee Program Director


    Areas of Responsibility:

    1. Responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of ICCAP properties including Pathway, Bridge Housing, Parkhill Apartments located in Josephine, and Blairsville Apartments.
    2. Responsible for emergency repair of ICCAP properties including Pathway, Bridge Housing, the Parkhill Apartments and Blairsville Apartments.
    3. Will oversee contracted seasonal care of grounds such as lawn mowing and snow removal of properties.


    Specific Duties:

      • Perform necessary repairs and maintenance of facility as needed.
      • Perform regular routine inspection of all apartments and maintenance of house and grounds.
      • Perform necessary repairs of house and grounds.
      • Maintain program-owned items and equipment in good working order.
      • Maintain monthly running inventory of program-owned items and equipment.
      • Maintain pest control program.
      • Responsible for scheduled maintenance and repair for installed equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and the requirements of equipment operating manuals.
      • Responsible for emergency repairs or replacements regardless of the time they occur. Outside contractors will be called in when necessary and at the discretion of the Supervisor.
      • Responsible for preventive maintenance inspections to regularly and consistently ascertain the condition of each unit in the complex. Such inspections to be scheduled in advance with notice to tenant whenever possible. Maintenance problems discovered during these inspections will be repaired at the earliest possible time.
      • Responsible for routine inspection of kitchen appliances, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling apparatus that are project-owned, and various other maintenance requirements. Will contact outside repair services as needed with supervisor approval.
      • Oversee contractors when professional repairs are necessary.
      • Responsible for maintenance of exterior areas in accordance with good procedures, keeping all grounds free of litter, trash and paper.
      • Responsible for painting, as required by supervisor.
      • Responsible for inspection tours of vacated apartments. During such tours, compiling a list of repairs to be made and making such repairs in a timely fashion. Repairs may include interior painting of vacated unit.
      • Responsible for conducting tours for premises for prospective tenants, as per a mutually agreeable schedule.
      • Responsible for regular and timely verbal and written reports to supervisor personnel, substance and interval to be determined by supervisor and/or nature of emergencies.
      • Other duties as assigned.

    Screening Criteria:

    1. Self-motivation to complete daily tasks and procedures without close supervision.
    2. Good organizational skills and have the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner.
    3. Must have a valid PA Driver’s license, reliable transportation and be willing to travel in Indiana County and other counties if required.
    4. Must have basic computer skills, have the ability to utilize computers, including the use of internet, and the ability to learn software programs.
    5. Demonstrated knowledge of basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical and inventory skills, including equipment use and maintenance.
    6. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with all members of the community.
    7. Demonstrated ability to ensure the integrity of the work performed and repairs completed.
    8. Must be skilled in the use of hand and power tools.
    9. Must have strong time management skills.
    10. Demonstrated capability and willingness to perform required bending, stooping, and lifting.
    11. Must have or be willing to obtain Motor Vehicle Report, Act 33 & 34 clearances and FBI clearance with fingerprinting.
    12. Must have vehicle insurance to comply with agency standards of coverage.