Written By Jessica Gallagher

Published January 10, 2022



Indiana County has received a second allotment of funding for ERAP 2. This is a continuation of ERAP 1 to assist with rent and utility payments for those who have been affected by COVID-19.


The county has entered into an agreement with ICCAP to administer and deliver the services for ERAP 2. Any questions about the program should be directed to ICCAP.


Three easy ways to fill out an application: 1. Go on-line to Compass

2. Call ICCAP for assistance or for hard copy, 724-465-2657

3. Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank SNAP Coordinators will help complete COMPASS Application 1-833-822-7627


There are eligibility and income guidelines for ERAP 2.


If you are deemed to be ineligible for this program, you will be notified by ICCAP. If you choose to appeal this decision, please send a hard copy, fax or email to:


Indiana County Department of Human Services

300 Indian Springs Raod, Suite 203

Indiana, PA 15701

724-465-3159 (fax) lspencer@indianacountypa.gov (email)


You will be notified of a Zoom call to discuss the appeal. The board for the appeal process includes:

Michelle Faught, ICCAP

Vicki Allen, ICCAP

Lucy Walls, ICCAP

Randy Foster, ICCAP

Cory Johnson, Zelenkofske Axelrod, LLC

Dan Sefick, Zelenkofske Axelrod, LLC

Maureen Pounds, ICDHS

Lisa Spencer, ICDHS


If upon completion of the appeal hearing, you are still denied based on the criteria of the program, you may make a second appeal with the Court of Common Pleas for Indiana County